Music First with DJ Dave Swirsky

New York City DJ and Songwriter Dave Swirsky plays great music from every genre imaginable. Dave also interviews interesting, talented musical guests!

Podcast With Very Special Guest, Music First’s Original Sound Man/Co-Host, Taylor! Also Featuring Songs by Josh Ritter, Aztec Camera, Jamiroquai, Eminem with Beyonce, and More!

November 21st, 2017

"When we first started recording, it was before rock, so people thought we were hillbilly hicks. That was something we had to deal with; the girls didn't think we were cool, although they did a few years later. We had ducktails and wore peg-leg pants. We looked like rock n' rollers." Phil Everly, Everly Brothers

Guess who we have back as our guest this week?? It's none other than MFP's original sound man, Taylor! Tune in as Taylor joins DJ Dave and Andrew for this special episode featuring music from Josh Ritter, The Everly Brothers, Slick Rick, The Generationals, Eminem with Beyonce, Aztec Camera, Dennis Brown, Jamiroquai, Nancy Wilson, and Chicago!

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